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Civility, Cultural Competence & Social Intelligence & 
Canadian Workplace Culture Coach™ - Lew Bayer
Culture Coach™ World Culture - ​Richelle Matthews
Culture Coach™ Phillipines - Olen Juarez-Lim
E.S.L Training - Julie Bell
Culture Coach™ - Lebanon and UAE- Marwan Asmar
Civility, Etiquette, Protocol & Canadian Workplace 
Culture Coach™- Louise Fox
Conflict Resolution - Joyce Odidson
Canadian Language Consultant, Canadian Culture 
Coach™ Quebec - Lucy Bertoldi
Certified Essential Skills Analyst, National Occupational Standards Writer/Editor - Jill Stafford
HR & Performance Management - Michelle Painchaud
Cultural Concierge Services - Melenie Olfert
Online Business Development - Dawn Windsor
International Marketing Strategist & Culture Coach ™ China - Nuo Yang
Organizational Capacity - Laurie Flasko
Culture Coach™ India - Nishu Varma
Culture Coach™ Singapore - Eunice Tan
Culture Coach™ Dubai - Cutella Dias
Culture Coach™ Malaysia - Yati Senu
Culture Coach™ Hong Kong - Professional Image and Self-Development - Lesley Watt
Culture Coach™ USA - 
  • Patrick Vonasek
  • Chytonya Dupree
  • Violet Chesney & 
  • Tina Rodgers
Certified HRSDC Essential Skills Profile Analyst, PLAR & Workplace Readiness Culture Coach™ - Louise Nichol
Corporate Efficiency Strategist, US Market Expert- Ralph Miller 
Business Culture Coach -  Randa Mufarrij
Lew Bayer is nationally recognized internationally as the leading expert on civility in the workplace with a focus on Social Intelligence and Culturally-Competent Communications. She is founder the Center for Cultural Competence and President of The Civility Experts Inc.

Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts; Founder and Executive Director of Center for Organizational Cultural Competence; Certified Culture Coach®, Founder and Chair- International Civility Trainer’s Consortium; Mentor; The Chicago School of Civility; Board Member, A Civil Tongue, Advisor, The Etiquette House, Chair, The Macaroni and Please Civility for Children Initiative, Founder, Because It Matters Canada.

Lew is also Executive Director of The National Civility Center, President of Manners Matter World-wide, Master Trainer- The Canadian School of Service; Faculty CMC, Faculty Georgetown Center for Cultural Competence; Level 1 Occupational Language Analyst; Certified Intercultural Communications Facilitator; Essential Skills Profiler; Published Author; National Columnist.
“Professionalism is recognizing that in every social and business interaction, we are selling ourselves; our personal standards, our integrity, and our self-respect. Being civilized at work is entirely about having the ability to communicate respect through our social and cultural competence - and these are essential skills for success in business”. - Lew Bayer