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The Cultural Compass Assessment™
Exclusive to The Center for Organizational Cultural Competence: includes a comprehensive assessment of your organizational cultural competence including personnel opinion interviews, the Cultural Compass Questionnaire, on-site service and culture assessment and a tailored training plan to address cultural competency gaps.

The Social Intelligence ProfileSM
Social Intelligence (SI) is a combination of awareness of the feelings, needs and interests of others - sometimes called your "social radar" - plus an attitude of generosity and consideration, and a set of practical skills for interacting successfully in various situations. 

Social Intelligence is one of at least 6 distinct "intelligence's" or dimensions of human performance now recognized by scientists and educators. According to Dr. Karl Albrecht, "people who have a highly developed sense of social intelligence have more friends, better relationships, more successful careers and happier lives than those who lack those skills." 

The Painchaud IEP Proficiency Audit 
A tailored soft skills assessment for Internationally Educated Professionals. Using tested psychometric surveys, individuals and/ or groups are assessed against normative scales for communication skills, socialization, team orientation, and leadership capacity.

Also Available; Psychometric Assessments: Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, Personality Dimensions®, True Colors®, Emotional Intelligence®, Insights®, Profiles XT® 

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Internationally Trained Professionals
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Low social intelligence might be the reason for poor communication and/or low individual or group productivity. COCC offers SI assessments and tailored Social Intelligence training for your organization. 

The SLOCI™      
The SLOCI is a powerful, dynamic and psychometrically sound web-based survey tool that assesses organizational culture based on 15 behavioral dimensions. The SLOCI was developed through over 20 years of academic and corporate culture research by Dr. David M. Schweiger and Dr. Frank R. Larkey. 

The SLOCI is used to help executives and managers align business culture with business strategies and planning; garner team building collaboration and cooperation among work units such as departments, divisions, geographically dispersed operations; and to facilitate joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. 

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CultureVision™ is a web-based tool that enables healthcare facilities and professionals to provide culturally competent patient care. Annual subscriptions to this database provided information on almost 30 cultural groups and 10 religious groups on such topics as communication, family patterns, diet and nutrition, treatment protocols and ethno-pharmacological issues.  

Take the CultureVision™ tour.  For additional information on any of our Assessment Tools please email us.

Individual Culture Coach™ Training
Focus on managing change, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, Canadian business etiquette, English language aptitude, and cultural awareness. 

Cook Ross Diversity Systems Map™
The Diversity Systems Map is a tool for understanding, assessing, and developing a strategic diversity plan that impacts the entire organization. 

This tool is used in conjunction with a 2-5 day training session with Individual Coaching Sessions.  Learn more about the Cook Ross Diversity Systems Map™

If you already have an in-house HR team, and/or already have a plan for managing diversty in your workplace, maybe you just need training tools... COCC is pleased to offer a short-form version of the acclaimed Cook Ross Diversity Toolkit™ 

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