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Lewena Bayer, Executive Director 
Feature Public Session "Workplace Transition Coach"
Train the Trainer Program
Presented by Lewena Bayer, The COCC 
Available Keynote Presentations  Download Full Session Outlines & Descriptions
  • Culture at Work
  • Respect and Leadership
  • Civility at Work
  • Navigating Differences
  • Social Competence
  • Labour issues
  • Performance
  • Workplace Standards
  • Managing Change
  • Bullying
  • Cultural Issues
  • The Immigrant Perspective
  • The Looming Labour Shortage 
  • Recruiting and Retaining Immigrants
Culture at Work™ Sessions & Training Workshops Download Full Session Outlines & Descriptions

  • Setting Your Organizational Cultural Compass(sm) - Assessing your current organizational cultural competence
  • Navigating a World of Differences™ - Managing workplace change by building cultural capacity
  • Increasing Cultural Awareness - Understanding perceptions, assumptions, and bias
  • Working Around the World - Business practices and workplace culture in countries around the world
  • Canadian Workplace Culture - Soft-skills training for New Canadians
  • The Impact of Culture on Workplace Communication - Overview of how different cultures manage aspects of workplace culture
  • Passport to Success - Best practices for hiring New Canadians
  • Building a Culture of Connectedness - Focus on similarities - 7 ways we're all the same. (A TCG Inc. workshop)

Is your organization prepared to successfully integrate culturally diverse employees into the workplace?  By 2025, the Canadian workforce will be sustained by Aboriginals, and Immigrant employees, as well as Millennials.  These employees are culturally and socially diverse, a factor that will create new challenges for the organization.  Having an on-site Workplace Transition Coach can help your organization speed up and unleash the productivity potential of your incoming employees by helping these employees identify and address potential problem areas they may face in the workplace.  

PROGRAM OBJECTIVE:  Train employers to support the transition of employees into the Workplace.


•Build capacity by recruiting and retaining a diverse employee pool. 
•Employees will settle into the workplace culture faster and more effectively .  
•Reduction in grievances and complaints stemming from discrimination, harassment or interpersonal conflicts due to increased cultural competence.  
•Increased morale, confidence and contribution across the organization; less isolation and exclusion at work at all levels.  
•Fostering healthy and respectful professional relationships; build a happier, more positive, more engaged work team. 


Needs Assessment
Customized Train-the-Trainer program
Detailed tailored transition curriculum 
Pilot sessions with employees
Systems design and ongoing support
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Train the Trainer Transition Program Description.
Civility at Work™ Sessions & Training Workshops 
Download Full Session Outlines & Descriptions

  • Setting Workplace Standards - Fostering Civility and Respect in the Workplace
  • Courtesy In Shared Workspaces
  • Building Social Competence
  • Corporate Courtesy
  • Business Communications When English is an Additional Language
  • Addressing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Managing Stress in the Workplace
  • Performance and Productivity
  • Dealing with Bullying in the Workplace
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