REMEDYING incivility in the workplace; CUSTOMIZED Solutions
Resolving incivility issues in your home, workplace, or community may not be a simple process but there are workable solutions. Combined with your high personal standards, commitment to long-term systemic behavioral (individual or organizational) change, and a little courage, Civility Experts USA offers a range of customized assessment and training solutions, that combined function as a vaccine against the incivility virus.

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The Civility Experts USA
The Civility Experts USA team can help you: 
  • Identify gaps between your organization’s goals for corporate culture and the current workplace situation through customized organizational culture assessments.
  • Incorporate proven methods for fostering civility in the workplace.
  • Quantify the value of soft skills in terms of increasing performance and make the case for people development.
  • Build and leverage your organizations’ relational wealth with customized on-demand civility training.
  • Train your in-house human resources and  management personnel to teach staff civility and culture on an ongoing basis

Lewena Bayer, 
President and CEO 
The Civility Experts Worldwide, 
International Head Office, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada,   
Direct 1-204-996-4792

Louise Fox,
Director of Operations,
The Civility Experts,
Eastern Canada Corporate Office
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Giovanna McGrath, Director  
The Civility Experts USA, 
USA Corporate Office
Sarasota, Florida, United States
The Civility Experts team also includes: 
  • Internationally recognized experts on Civility, Cultural Competence & Social Intelligence
  • English as Additional Language Professionals
  • Emotional Intelligence Trainers
  • Conflict Resolution Experts
  • Certified Essential Skills Analysts
  • National Occupational Standards Writers/Editors
  • Human Resources & Performance Management Personnel
  • Cultural Concierge Services
  • Online Business Development Professionals
  • International Marketing Strategists
  • Organizational Capacity Experts
  • Certified HRSDC Essential Skills Profile Analysts
  • PLAR & Workplace Readiness Culture Coaches™
  • Public Speaking & Communications Trainers
  • Culture Coach™ personnel specializing in cultures of:
India, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, China, Canada, Lebanon

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